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New Turf Field with Organic Infill to Open in Late August PDF Print Email


By S. Quinn DeJoy and J. Murrer

Jul. 26, 2017:  If all goes according to plan and the weather cooperates, the new turf field at the school should be ready for play by late August. The field, which stretches from Midland Avenue to the new parking lot next to Meadow Avenue, will be similar to Chambers Field, but instead of a crumb rubber infill, the new field will have an organic infill composed of coconut and cork.

Negative public sentiment about crumb rubber infill has increased in recent years because of an observation made by University of Washington soccer coach Amy Griffin. Griffin gathered information about a number of soccer players with cancer and suggested that the rubber pellets in artificial turf might be the cause. Extensive media coverage helped fuel the concerns.

Many scientific studies have shown that the correlation between crumb rubber and cancer is not supported by scientific evidence. An extensive literature review commissioned by the New York City Department of Health found that crumb rubber is unlikely to increase the risk for any health effect, and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that based on current studies there is no elevated health risk.


Several school districts in Westchester have decided on organic infill, including Bronxville, Pleasantville, and Irvington. The switch to organic infill has one main advantage--the playing surface will be significantly cooler. The coconut infill absorbs water, which evaporates as the sun warms the field. The evaporative cooling effect keeps the field at a much lower temperature.

Because the infill is organic, it will naturally decompose over time and will need to be topped off every few years. It might also need to be watered, depending on rain and humidity, as optimal performance requires moisture. No food or drinks other than water will be allowed on the new infill.

Like Chambers Field, the new turf field will be fenced, including high fences along the borders of Midland and Meadow Avenues. Trees and shrubs will be planted along the fencing.

With coconut the new order of business, perhaps the Bronco Barn and Grill will start selling coconut water and coconut smoothies.

Go Broncos. 

Pictured here: Construction of the new turf field.

Photos by J. Murrer 



#6 Walking is healthy DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Will the temporary parking lot next to the field become permanent? My recollection was that it required a second vote to approve and such vote was contingent on the requirement that the parking lot was only temporary?
#5 Bronxville Neighbor DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Now that Bronxville has two turf fields to ensure the athletic programs have adequate facilities to play even when its wet (no more muddy fields), when will lights be installed to extend the hours the fields can be used...

Is this a joke?

After all the debates a couple of years ago, the community came out very solidly against installing lights. It's a non-starter, and for a lot of good reasons.

Let's keep the board of ed focused on the various important issues facing the school and not distract them with another silly debate that will go nowhere.
#4 Still Watching DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Dear ROI:

Lights? Really? After stadium lights were rejected in 2005, the Village community invested 2 years (2013 – 2015) exhaustively, and bitterly, debating the issue of stadium style lighting on BXV school fields. This included the Mayor’s Office and Village Trustees, the school Board of Ed, numerous Village community associations, BXV Police and other municipal departments, and the significant majority of Village residents. As evidenced by comments here, ill feelings remain. In short, there are many good reasons why you don’t see stadium lights on BXV school fields today.
#3 Vicinus DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Your ROI analysis is flawed because Bronxville collectively decided that it is immoral and wrong to sh*t on the community for the sake of any game. To say otherwise is simply self-indulgent. Bronxville, or any community for that matter, gets nothing from allowing more games. And lets be clear: lights on any field in Bronxville = harming the community. Another turf field at the school, while admittedly a colossal waste of resources, is not nearly as harmful to the community at large. Be grateful "you" have extra game space and shut up.
#2 Return on Investment DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Now that Bronxville has two turf fields to ensure the athletic programs have adequate facilities to play even when its wet (no more muddy fields), when will lights be installed to extend the hours the fields can be used? There is a very strong case to be made for lighting the fields to maximize usage and thus the return on the very expensive fields (over $2 million for a 10 year life). It makes good economic sense to install lights. This should be included in the bond proposal coming soon from BOE that will include the multi-million dollar cost of redoing Chambers Field. Brinxville residents boted 2 to 1 in favor of the installation of a second turf field--the next step to ensure a full return on that investment for all taxpayers is to install lighting on both fields.
#1 Concerned resident DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Riverdale Country Day spends $30,000 ANNUALLY purchasing new coconut fiber infill for its "organic" infill (which is not US certified organic-- the term is used to distinguish the coconut /cork in-fill from the usual rubber pellets). The amount of dust created by the infill means that the field must be watered as much as a natural grass field. The heat from the plastic blades will still be an issue. NOT A GOOD SOLUTION FOR COMMUNITIES COMMITTED TO CURBING GLOBAL WARMING.

What about the aging crumb rubber field next to it? It is supposed to be replaced every 8-10 years and it was installed in 2007. Our elementary kids sit and play on this crumb rubber fields at lunch time.


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